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Invitations and more

Invitations: A request, usually by the Bride's parents, or by the Bride and Groom, to be present when the marriage vows are exchanged.  Inside and outside envelopes are included.


Announcements: Although invitations can be used as announcements, the wording is somewhat different.  Mailed the same day as the wedding.  Double envelopes are included.


Enclosures: Better known as reception cards, these invite guests to the reception.  It also informs them when and where this social event will take place.  No envelope included.


Response Cards: A card, returned by your guests, informing you how many will be present for the reception.  A printed envelope is included.


Informals: The name of the Bride and Groom is printed on the outside.  Used to say "thank you" for the wedding gifts, can also be used as stationery.  Single envelope is included.


At Home Cards: Used mostly with announcements.  Tells friends and relatives where you will be making your home.  Single envelope included.


Map Cards: An aid to your out-of-town guests, with printed rather than verbal directions.


Pew Cards: This card entitles your most intimate relatives or friends to be seated closest to where the ceremony will take place.  It is enclosed with the invitation.


Wedding Programs: Lists order of service, participants and music.  A verse favored by the couple may also be included.


Photo Thank You Notes: A lovely way to be remembered.  A wallet size picture inside a beautiful thank you note.


Other Items of Interest: Personalized matches, wedding scrolls and rings, stirrers, cake boxes or bags, car decorating kit, and seating place cards.


Do Not Forget: Napkins for the cake and napkins for the bar

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