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Formal Wear/Gowns

Traditional Style:

For a Formal Evening Wedding a black tailcoat and marching trousers, white pique waistcoat, dressy wing-collared shirt and a white bow tie is appropriate. White or pearl studs and cufflinks and patent leather or polished black shoes and black socks should be worn for accessories.  For a Formal Daytime Wedding a grey or black cutaway jacket is worn with dark striped trousers, matching or contrasting waistcoat, white wing-collared shirt and striped ascot tie, Pearl or jeweled cufflinks and studs are appropriate.

For a Semi-Formal Evening Wedding a black dinner jacket and trousers are worn in winter, white in summer. A black vest or cummerbund goes with a white dress shirt and black how tie. Wear black, gold or jeweled studs and cufflinks.  For a Semi-Formal Daytime Wedding a stroller jacket and dark trousers are worn with a vest, wing-collared shirt and striped or checked conventional tie. jewelry is the same.

For an Informal Daytime or Evening Wedding wear a solid black, grey or navy suit with white dress shirt and bow or conventional tie in winter: white or off white jacket with grey trousers, navy suit with white flannel trousers, or white suit in summer. 


Current Fashion Trends:
For a Formal Evening Wedding a contoured long or short jacket is worn with marching trousers, wing-collared shirt, vest or cummerbund and bow tie.  For a Formal Daytime Wedding wear a contoured long or short jacket (white in summer and dark in winter) with striped trousers, wing-collated shirt and ascot tie. A vest is optional.               

For a Semi-Formal Evening Wedding a tuxedo jacket in a choice of colors and styles is worn with matching trousers, white or colored dress shirt, vest or cummerbund and bow tie.  For a Semi-Formal Daytime Wedding a tuxedo jacket is worn with matching or contrasting trousers, wing-collated shirt, vest or cummerbund and bow tie.


The Wedding Gown

The bride’s selection of a traditional gown is largely independent of fashion and season. Whether silk, tulle, satin or lace, these threads are at the heart of every bride's romantic dream - her wedding dress.

The bridal gown may be short, long, elaborate, simple, formal, informal, white, colorful, or any combination thereof - as long as it fulfills the bride's own fantasies.  It often borrows details from the past but remains true to the present, appealing to the tradition-loving, but modern, bride.  Unlike the typical 19th century gown, today's version echoes fashion hut doesn't follow it - it has a look all its own.  Although fashion is ever-changing, the wedding gown has always retained its aura of romance.  Over centuries of cultural and stylistic evolution, the bridal gown has endured as a magical, powerful symbol of love and romance.

After the wedding, the gown should be cleaned and protected for possible future use.  For best results, this should take place within the next several days or weeks.  The gown is bound to be soiled by perspiration and body oils.  Long gowns will pick up soil on the hem and train, and very likely there will be food and beverage spills.  Stains and soils tend to oxidize and "set" with age.  The longer the stains and soils are left in the garment, the greater the probability of their becoming permanently embedded.


Note: You may be interested in having your gown packaged in a protective storage box.  Many drycleaners specialize in the handling of bridal gowns and offer a package service.  At home store your packaged gown in a cool, dry place.


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