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The wedding cake serves as one of the centerpieces of your wedding celebration. When choosing a wedding cake, it can be traditional or something new and unusual. In either case, it should fit your style, both in taste and look, as well as make an impression on your guests.


Begin your selection process approximately six months in advance. Schedule an appointment with the pastry chef. Once you've made your choice, place the order for your cake. Your final guest count should be confirmed with the pastry shop one week before.


There are a variety of cake flavors. If you have an idea for a flavor, you may specify. Fillings range from chocolate mousse, butter cream and coffee to fruit fillings... and more.


Tiered cakes are traditional and elegant, usually frosted white with flowers or decorations. A classic choice to top the cake is a miniature bride and groom although there are other options.


If saving the top layer of the cake for your first anniversary, make sure your caterer is aware so he or she can make arrangements.


Recommended Bakeries:


Francesco’s Italian Bakery
14 Power Station Rd.
Charlton, MA 01507
Tel: (508) 248-9900 




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