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More than anything, finding the right musical accompaniment enhances the mood and sets the tone celebrating your wedding day at both the service and the reception.


The Service: Choices in music for the wedding ceremony itself are not as broad as for the party afterward.  A formal, religious ritual lends itself to sacred, classical selections emphasizing the profound commitment being made.


The Reception: Before deciding on the entertainment take into consideration the following:


Atmosphere. What type of mood would you like to achieve?
Guests. Will your guests include only your contemporaries, or older relatives, friends, and teens? Budget. How many musicians/DJ’s make up the entertainment?  How long will you want them to perform?

Will they act as emcee too?


If you have not heard the group/DJ play, ask where you can see them perform or for a demo tape and be sure you like their appearance as well.  Once you’ve made your choice, give them a list of requests.  A professional can usually make great recommendations!


The choice of entertainment can make or break the success of your reception, so select the entertainment as soon possible!


Buddy D Sound Unlimited

(401) 765-1240

Woonsocket, RI 02895



Good Vibrations

Russ Kennedy - 508-887-5400



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